The Plans of Tamani


  • To regain our traditional games.
  • Decentralization.
  • To strength the mind and physic of student through traditional means.
  • To fertile the barren tree.


  • To educate on plantation.
  • To persuade in gardening.
  • To make known the production of native seeds.
  • To understand the importance of native seeds.


Terrace Gardening

  • Nutritious food.
  • To habitualize the solace of mind.
  • Participation in the production/multiplication of livestock farming.
  • Travel towards the path of greenery.

Organic Farming

  • Recovering traditional farming.
  • Decentralization.
  • Understanding the importance of organic fertilizer.
  • Obtain organic food products.
  • To lead a Hale and Healthy life.

About Tamani

Bonding one with nature was the penchant of our ancestors. They had immense compassion towards their value of life which is consideredas a treasure. Exhibiting this hidden treasure in ample measure to the upcoming buds – is our prime motto so there it bloomed TaMaNi [Thamizhar MarabiyalNiruvanam] Reg# 52/2014 under ITA 1882. Further to stud a 'Diamond in the crown' TaMaNi has decided to conduct events in almost 100 schools and colleges on traditional games and to save native seeds in seed bank. To enhance this, "ViVa/PaViKa" has been setup by our group. The foremost aim of our commune is to spread and to celebrate these two events - traditional games and seed bank as a festival in a successful manner.

Noble Truths

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